Scampi’s Restaurant On the Water

Location, Location, Location

Let’s be real, even if the food wasn’t great, Scampi’s delivers stunning ambiance! This picturesque restaurant is in Punda, but away from the hustle of “city life”. The outside dining area is right over the crashing waves, and in the evening, the sun setting over the water is picture-perfect. Scampi’s is one of three restaurants located in the historic Waterfort Terrace, with Perla Del Mar and Dal Toro. Pull right up to the area and there is parking right out front, however, if you arrive before 6 PM, there is a fee for parking.

The Food Selection

We actually went to Scampi’s because they have a temporary 3 course menu for a set price (see below). We are a family of five with three teen boys – they are NEVER full – and we are definitely frugal, so this appealed to us. There is a standard menu that is longer and constant. It has a good selection of food, mostly seafood and beef.

The Verdict

The food was pretty good over all. I ordered the shrimp cocktail, truffle tenderloin, house salad, and the brownie. The shrimp cocktail was nice, but I wouldn’t have called it that. There were a few shrimp that appeared to be fried sitting on a bed of lettuce with Thousand Island like dressing. It was nice, but not what I was expecting. The tenderloin was delicious! I would go back just for that! It wasn’t cooked exactly the way I ordered it, but still really tasty! Cody had ordered the rib-eye and shrimp dish. His steak was definitely not great, but he enjoyed the shrimp. The house salad was fairly basic and the small brownie was enjoyed by my children.

Overall 4 of 5 stars!

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