Caribbean Dining at Tabooshh!

The Discovery

We came here by accident. This is a common occurrence for my family. Our family of five shares a car and the older two believe that “ball is life” and have us trained in that mindset. This means we are constantly driving them to practices and games. Last night, Cole was training an athlete fairly far from the house, so Cody and I decided a date night was in order. We dropped him off and found a restaurant nearby. We had zero expectations and didn’t even read what type of food they served.

The Vibe

I am not going to lie, I decided to love Taboosh! as soon as we entered. We were greeted by a smiling face and friendly conversation. There was a large island-looking bar with couches and palapas. Beach-like wooden signs were posted everywhere, Santana was playing, we were seated by the water. SOLD. It was early, so it was fairly chill, although I did get the impression we only were given a table without a reservation because we were so early. Definitely call ahead of time. When you think of eating out in the Caribbean, I am sure Taboosh! is the picture people have. We loved the casual atmosphere, music, and service.

The Food

The food at Taboosh! is mostly Caribbean. They did have a special fish of the day, but the whole menu was seafood heavy, which works for us. Yesterday, the special was red snapper with tomato sauce, steamed vegetables, corn slaw, and fries. Cody of course ordered that but subbed in rice. I, the picky one, ordered the garlic shrimp hors d’oeuvre. It was simply delicious! The food itself was normally priced for the island, though the beer was a bit pricey.


We will be back! Taboosh! will go down as one of my favorite places in Curaçao.

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