My Birthday Celebration at Mambo Beach

Luckily the lockdown was lifted just in time to celebrate year 45 on the beach! Now was the difficult decision to choose which one – yes I know this problem won’t gain sympathy from anyone. The family and I settled on Mambo beach. While we have been on this beach for shopping, dinner, and happy

Scampi’s Restaurant On the Water

Location, Location, Location Let’s be real, even if the food wasn’t great, Scampi’s delivers stunning ambiance! This picturesque restaurant is in Punda, but away from the hustle of “city life”. The outside dining area is right over the crashing waves, and in the evening, the sun setting over the water is picture-perfect. Scampi’s is one

Caribbean Dining at Tabooshh!

The Discovery We came here by accident. This is a common occurrence for my family. Our family of five shares a car and the older two believe that “ball is life” and have us trained in that mindset. This means we are constantly driving them to practices and games. Last night, Cole was training an

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Shete Boka National Park Experience

Most of you know me, I’m not one for nature! One of my favorite phrases is, “I don’t outdoors”. But I do LOVE water, all water, fish tanks, oceans, seas, rivers, shoot – I even love baths. So, when I’m “trapped” on a beautiful Caribbean island with a National Park, I will give it a

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Beach Adventures at Playa Santa Cruz

Maybe this is a lesser known beach in Curaçao, as it doesn’t seem to pop up on many travel sites, but it quickly became a top five for me and the family. Rhys made it number 1! Logistics It’s FREE! Seriously FREE! There is ample free parking, free entry, and free picnic tables with palapas.

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Carnival – Curaçao 2020

On February 24, 2020, my family experienced it’s first and definitely not last Carnival! Or at least the parade part, not the party all night part – we’re old and enjoy sleep. My biggest fear were crowds, parking, and getting lost. Friends of ours helped get us to the beginning of the parade and we

Hato Caves and Lunch in Otrabanda

Logistics The Hato Caves are near the airport and on the same road. You can see the sign on the right coming from the airport. There is free parking at the caves. Once there, you can buy your tickets ($9) and have a snack at the restaurant. I personally enjoyed the trail of cacti leading

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Travelers

I am not the “flowers and card” kind of girl when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I usually ask for chocolate and some peace and quiet. But as we all know, I’m obsessed with travel, so here’s my new wish list: Travel Keychains I haven’t had a keychain in a while, but it sure would

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Curacao Liqueur Distillery Tour

It’s funny how, when I told people we were moving to Curaçao, very few people knew where that was, but almost everyone knows about Blue Curaçao Liqueur. After we settled in, I found out the distillery is quite close to our house and we decided to do a guided tour. Logistics The distillery is at

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