Shete Boka National Park Experience

Most of you know me, I’m not one for nature! One of my favorite phrases is, “I don’t outdoors”. But I do LOVE water, all water, fish tanks, oceans, seas, rivers, shoot – I even love baths. So, when I’m “trapped” on a beautiful Caribbean island with a National Park, I will give it a shot. I was blown away by the extensive park that offered spectacular views, clear hiking paths, and interesting areas to explore.

The park is located on the far west side of the island, so it takes quite a bit of time to get there. As you turn in, there is a front gate to pay. All the hours and amounts are listed on the website. Since we are residents and have a sedula it was NAF 2 per person and NAF 1 for the map. We arrived around 11 and stayed for about 3 hours.


We wandered to Boka Tabla first. I’ve always been mesmerized by the water. No matter how stressed I am, water will immediately soothe me. At this look out point, the water rolls in a small cove and splashes up on the rocks. The boys and I began discussing which would create the biggest splash.

We continued the trail to Boka Wandomi. I noticed a lot of tourists chose not to travel that far, but that’s a mistake. At this area you can not only look down at the water, but go down stairs and wade around a bit. My boys enjoyed looking at super colorful shells. As they tried to pick them up, they realized there was an animal inside preventing them from picking them up. And Cody found shade!

It was getting quite hot and my skin was turning pink, so we went to the cave and then home. The cave is a small enclosed space where you can see the water from underneath. Its really cool – literally and figuratively, but a little cramped with my large teens. After some time, we looked out again. Then, boys will be boys, they had to build a really large tower of rocks! They also were capable of discussing this for about an hour all the way home.

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