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Panamá: Ocean to Ocean Tour

Since moving to Panama, we haven’t had time to explore the area like tourists. In honor of Jack’s first visit, Rhys and I finally put on our tourists hats and went to see the canal! Booking the Tour Although I am always wary of spending too much on a tour, I also knew I would…

Hiking La India Dormida, Panamá

The Plan This spring break, we took a lot of time to rest. It was well deserved, a break from basketball, from guitar, and waking up at 4 am every morning! So, we decided to do at least one thing this break. We drove to Anton Valley early Thursday morning. The drive there was about…

Rogers at a Chocolate Factory!

OBSESSIONS If you know me, you will know that I am a chocoholic. However, I am not like my husband or children who eat ALL chocolate. I am a chocolate snob. Therefore, whenever I have the opportunity to tour a chocolate factory, I do so! Truth: I endure the lecture on the process just so…

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