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Gamboa Tree Trek; Zip-lining in Panama

We arrived to the rain forest on the corner where GatĂșn Lake meets the Chagres River mid-morning. Immediately we were met with scurrying wild life (we’ll come back to that), a variety of lush green foliage, and peaceful views of the water. If this had been the end of our day, it would have been worth

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Delicious Thai Food in Panama City, Panama

Date Night Finally! It feels like we have been moving for ages! The process never seems to end. We physically moved to Panama in early July. Then, we returned to get our “stuff” to come to Panama. Then, we moved our oldest into University in the states. So, even though nothing is put up, our

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My Birthday Celebration at Mambo Beach

Luckily the lockdown was lifted just in time to celebrate year 45 on the beach! Now was the difficult decision to choose which one – yes I know this problem won’t gain sympathy from anyone. The family and I settled on Mambo beach. While we have been on this beach for shopping, dinner, and happy

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