About Me

Nice to Meet You!

As a third culture kid, I have always had the itch to travel and explore new places. I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, and even though I haven’t been since 1995, I consider it to be home since I’ve never felt grounded anywhere else. We spent 25 years in various cities throughout Texas, and now, I get to share that passion for travel with my family as we start the next phase of our adventures. We lived in Curaçao from 2019 – 2021 and we are currently living in Panama City, Panamá.

We hope to share as much of the world as possible with our boys while they are still under our roof. As educators, our goal is to instill a sense of global community that will inspire them to continue to wander once they are on their own.

Our blog will be a way for us to document and share our adventures, love for healthy (most of the time) eating, and educational connections with the world at large. Enjoy!