My Birthday Celebration at Mambo Beach

Luckily the lockdown was lifted just in time to celebrate year 45 on the beach! Now was the difficult decision to choose which one – yes I know this problem won’t gain sympathy from anyone. The family and I settled on Mambo beach. While we have been on this beach for shopping, dinner, and happy hour, we had yet to go in the water or spend the day there.


This might have been the easiest beach to navigate here, or we are becoming professionals. The parking lot is free and we haven’t ever not found a space. When you enter it looks like a USA boardwalk shopping area. Then you arrive at a vast expanse of beach. They are earmarked as different parts associated with the food hut near by, but we just found empty space and settled. We ended up in the Bonita serving area and would recommend it to others. The beach is free, but chairs will cost you. Each lounge chair was $4 US or 7 NAF. We chose three under a palapa – no charge for the shade! Nice! Plus that offered a “table” to play Uno with our waterproof Uno cards.

When we chose the chairs, it wasn’t long before a waitress came by and asked us to either set up a tab or pay for the chairs. Then she left a drink and food menu with us as well. She was pretty attentive all day!

The Beach

No shocker that the water is crystal clear like all beaches in Curaçao! Mambo has rougher water than other areas, so it is walled off to enjoy a very calm and peaceful swim. This also brings out a lot of families, so if you are not in the mood to be entertained by children playing, this is not the area for you! I brought my little floatie to enjoy relaxing in the beach and my favorite paperwhite Kindle to enjoy chilling on the beach. The white sand and sunny day was perfect spot to celebrate aging a year.

Bonita Food and Drink

I’m not a huge drinker, but it was my birthday – so I enjoyed a mango margarita. It was super pricey (as is all drinks in Curaçao), but still a nice treat in the sun. Rhys was thrilled to get a chocolate smoothie. He might have been as excited about this as he was to find out that you can order fried chicken and waffles together! He said it was delicious and is already plotting how to get another!

We wound up bringing snacks with us, so we didn’t eat at the snack shop, but they have a wide array of items to choose from. It seemed reasonably priced.

We ended up in our favorite dining spot for dinner- The Greenhouse. We all ordered our usuals and it did not disappoint.

We’ll be back!

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