Casual and Delicious: Italian Food in Curacao

Sadly, when we moved into our apartment in Curacao, we found out that our beloved pizza trays do not fit in our oven! This was definitely a problem that was not on my radar! But, alas, as I tell my kids all the time – #FirstWorldProblems. Instead, we will find somewhere to buy pizza!

Our first place to explore was Gelati Bella Italia in the Zuikertuin mall. Truth time, the gelato caught our eye first! We are a family of ice cream lovers. Cody and I had been to Barcelona and immediately fell in love with gelato (every night), but the kids had never had it before. They have a pretty large variety of flavours, so Rhys took his time deciding. I was surprised he didn’t go with the cafe flavour, as he loves coffee and caramel. He opted to get a mix of oreo and chocolate, this was not a shock. Cody chose chocolate and peanut butter (I snagged a bit for myself). Both loved what they got, Cody was just upset he didn’t order the large, but I didn’t give him enough money for that.

The older two decided they wanted the homemade pizza instead. They shared one pizza (four slices) as a pre-dinner snack. The pizza was delicious, according to the kids. I took a quick grab of some of the freshly melted cheese (since I can’t eat the gluten crust) and I concurred. One of my favorite parts of Gelati Bella Italia is that they had nice outdoor seating, so we could enjoy the tropical breeze.

The boys are eager to return and try more of the foods (Cole was eyeing the fresh juices) and I am happy about the affordable prices as we feed this ravenous crew!

What do you recommend for our next meal?


  1. I guess we can NOW move there…they have pizza (and GOOD pizza on top of that!)….so I can live in peace and happiness. Sure, the beach looks fun, but PIZZA is really whats important ! 😉


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