The Green House on Mambo Beach

As a family of five, we tend to struggle to agree on what and where to eat. So after moving to Curacao, I was determined to find a restaurant that offered an eclectic array of foods that would make my burger eating guys and my chicken-eating guy happy. What I found was The Green House on Mambo Beach. The menu is extensive, the view is stunning, and the vibe is energetic.

Immediately, Cole found the burger section and saw they had a Pizza Burger! I believe his immediate reaction was “Why didn’t America invent this??” Of course, both Jack and Cole ordered the burger. It did not disappoint. It was “Texas big” and melded a pizza and a burger into one, and it was juicy!

Rhys is more of a “pasta and chicken” kind of guy. So he searched the pasta section and found a favorite of his, Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken. He is also extremely picky, so he was worried it would not meet his standard. Going to new places is tricky. He threw caution to the wind and ordered it anyway. Another successful dish! The sauce was done perfectly! He only wished the chicken chunks were slightly bigger and that he had more broccoli. Alas, he will adjust!

Cody and I immediately went for the seafood section, come on … we are on an island. Cody went for the Red Snapper fillet and I had the Atlantis Salmon Steak. I ALWAYS go salmon! Both were done superbly. The fish cooked just right, delicious side dishes, and elegant plating. We’re not sure what was written on the side of the plate in chocolate, but it was chocolate, so it’s all good! [I just took another look quickly … it says MAMBO!!]

When in Curacao, if you’re looking for a nice restaurant, make sure you go to The Green House. Let us know what you ordered!


  1. Great to see the Cody Rogers family looking so happy (many smiles) and healthy. You are so right, the views of the beach/water are spectacular from The Green House, Dinner looked very delicious, too. We sure appreciate the updates. Looks like life in the tropics agrees with all!
    Love to all of you from the State of Texas, Sherry


    1. I think Curacao is agreeing with us! The kids are just now adjusting to school and so far it seems like a win! Our next post should be the promised beach post! Love from all of us! 💚💙


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