Hiking La India Dormida, Panamá

The Plan

This spring break, we took a lot of time to rest. It was well deserved, a break from basketball, from guitar, and waking up at 4 am every morning! So, we decided to do at least one thing this break. We drove to Anton Valley early Thursday morning. The drive there was about 2 hours from Panamá City and was fairly straightforward. Upon arrival, a little boy was directing us on where to park. I have no idea what the standard procedure is here, but I tipped him and he promised to watch my car. He did a fabulous job.

We cluelessly wandered trying to find where to go, until a bystander felt sorry for us and pointed towards the ticket counter. Luckily there was a toilet there too! We were charged $3.00 each and off we wandered. We had read many posts that talked about the many signs that showed which different paths to take. However, we are not experienced hikers and we don’t speak the language, but we saw no such signs. There were oddly placed arrows that we followed blindly. When groups of people came by we all kind of muddled through together. We made a wrong turn here and there, but easily figured out how to correct the wrong.

We hiked to the top and soaked in the views. I loved it, but also realized I am sorely out of shape (pun intended). Rhys stopped to take “Instagram-worthy” pictures and then we headed back down. The path was muddy and damp from previous rain and therefore slippery. So Cole slipped the whole way down. This made me forget the pain I was in from our long journey and reminded me how much he can make me laugh.

Hiker or not, you should definitely venture to La India Dormida when visiting Panamá.

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