Rogers at a Chocolate Factory!


If you know me, you will know that I am a chocoholic. However, I am not like my husband or children who eat ALL chocolate. I am a chocolate snob. Therefore, whenever I have the opportunity to tour a chocolate factory, I do so! Truth: I endure the lecture on the process just so I can eat the chocolate.

Factory Located in Panama

I believe there are quite a few chocolate factories throughout Panama, so there are several opportunities for chocolate factory tours, as well as coffee plantation tours. Cody, Rhys, and I were searching on VIATOR (a new favorite site for travel) for something to do during our break. And VOILA, chocolate tour. Specifically: Private Class Chocolate Making and Tasting in Panama. It was $30 each for Cody and me and $25 for Rhys who is 15. Tickets were bought the day before for a 2:00pm visit.

Arrival at Nomé Chocolate

Nomé Chocolate is located in Casco Viejo, the old town. We opted for Uber because parking and driving are not our forte in this area. It was a good thing we did, there were a number of Panama obstacles on the way. Our destination was a small, cute chocolate factory in the middle of one of the small, winding streets. Everything about the place was so bright and fun. Despite arriving 30 minutes early, we were welcomed with friendliness.

Tour Time

As soon as 2 o’clock rolled around, hair nets were handed out, so don’t even think about fixing your hair. The “where the magic happens” room was next. We were introduced to Luany and had everything ready for our visit. Luany is incredible. I was actually engaged in the chocolate-making process because of her. Although I have been to factories before (obsession, remember?) I really enjoyed her explanation of the process. This is a small operation. Almost no machines are used. Everything is sourced locally, and most of the work is done by hand. They sort the beans BY HAND! There is one machine that separates the nibs from the shells. This tour was so personal, partly because it was private, but also because it’s such a small and loved operation.

After the information part of the tour, where we got to suck on the bean straight from the pod (not recommended if you have texture issues) and eat some nibs, we got to actually make our own chocolate bars! WHAT? That is new to me. We were able to spread the chocolate around, put it in molds, put on our own toppings, and then take it home. How great is that? They were also very conscious of Rhys’ pecan allergy. We were given truffles they make there and were asked to guess the flavor. Everyone knows, my family loves a good competition. FYI – I was amazing, but you will need to guess the flavors yourself.

We bought a sample of truffles each and chatted with Luany until our Uber came.

You MUST do this tour when you visit Panama.

My Chocolate Facts:

  • Favorite Book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Favorite Seasonal Chocolate: Cadbury Eggs
  • Favorite Flavor in Chocolate: Orange
  • Favorite Chocolate Brand: Galaxy
  • Worst Chocolate Add: coconut
  • New Add: Nome Chocolate

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