Van Gogh Immersive Experience

Enjoying the Van Gogh Exhibition

The Van Gogh Immersive Experience

As we were all looking for a place to spend the holidays together on this beautiful planet, I searched for something we could all do together that would all be enjoyable. I found the Van Gogh Immersive Experience while browsing Ticket Master. It seemed to check all the boxes: I’ve always been passionate about art, it seemed interactive enough for my older two, and our youngest is very creative and he loves this kind of activity. We bought tickets for seven of us, including Cody’s sister and my mom. I had a hunch they would love it too!

No Expectations

Seven of us walked into this blindly. The exact nature of this event can’t be found anywhere. We expected we would walk from room to room with a narrative of Van Gogh’s descent into madness, but that wasn’t what we saw!

We were instead led to a fabricated building decorated with Van Gogh’s artwork, which included picnic tables and a bar. It really was inviting, and I am sure the intention was to encourage us to stay longer.

When we went inside, masks were required and there was a search (a sign of the times, but glad they checked). We were guided into “the room” to find a seat. You were supposed to sit in one of the lit circles on the floor. Each circle can hold quite a few people. The majority of the people sat on the floor, but there were a few benches and chairs.

The show was about 35 minutes. Van Gogh’s artwork was displayed all over the walls, it moved, and it was perfectly paired with music. Although it wasn’t narrated (I think the youngest wanted that), it did provide a glimpse into Van Gogh’s mental state. Yes, this is my sort of thing, but it was such an amazing experience for everyone. I was mesmerized. My mom has decided she wants to go back and everyone enjoyed the experience. 

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