Boat Ride and Champagne in Panama City

You had me at boat ride! There is not another place on Earth that makes me happier than being on the water. So when OfertaSimple offered a discount for a Sea Breeze Champagne Adventures, I grabbed it. Not only for Cody and I but for three other couples we have met here in Panama.


It is my second time buying an event with OfertaSimple and I would definitely recommend it to others. Once you purchase your item, you usually receive a QR code that you have to email to the place in order to reserve a day and time. We had already chosen the day and time, so once purchased the tickets, I contacted Panama Yacht Adventures to tell them and share our purchased tickets. In a few days’ time, they responded with information on where to go on the day – with pictures, which I thought was genius!

The four couples met at the Flamenco DryStack, just before Flamenco island. Cody and I took an Uber because parking in Panama is never guaranteed. Upon arrival, we awaited the others. We had to give our names, passport numbers, and age! We found out this evening who is the oldest… Cody!

The Ride

Truth be told, I had pictured myself sipping champagne while cruising around the water on a quiet yacht. The reality was quite different. We ended up on an awning-covered motorized fishing boat. As we approached the bridge, we were ripping through the water and rocking aggressively on the waves. At that point, they stopped the boat, poured champagne for each of us, had us cheers each other, took a picture, and then took off. After one more stop, we returned a little disheveled since I didn’t wear my hair appropriately for this trip.

Having said all this, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The eight of us enjoyed the views, the sunset, and belly laughs that ensued. The crew asked us what kind of music we wanted, so there was a constant stream of music during the trip. After the first stop with champagne, we learned how to drink it quickly while stopped, so we wouldn’t end up with champagne all over our faces and tops as we sped off. 

After the ride, we ate in a fancy food court area. It was lovely. We sat upstairs on the covered rooftop, enjoyed delicious food and drinks while grooving to a DJ.

We all had such a great time, we decided to do something random together once a month!

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