Beach Adventures at Playa Santa Cruz

Maybe this is a lesser known beach in Curaçao, as it doesn’t seem to pop up on many travel sites, but it quickly became a top five for me and the family. Rhys made it number 1!


It’s FREE! Seriously FREE! There is ample free parking, free entry, and free picnic tables with palapas. It’s on the west side of the island, farther west than Cas Abou and just before Playa Lagun. It’s free, so you can bring your own cooler and food. This is easily a beach you could hang out at all day – and we did!

The Beach

Okay, so the beach isn’t the piercing blue Curaçao is known for, it’s a little more green. However, it is still crystal clear! You can stand shoulder deep and see your toes without issues. I found the beach to be less rocky than others, but there was definitely more algae which brought more fish. I personally liked it, because there were beautiful little fish swimming with us.

The water is super calm, so the boogie board functioned as a raft and the boys swam around looking at the different coves formed by the rocks. I think one of the best parts of this beach was that so few people were there. Cas Abou might have that stereotypical blue water, but they also have the stereotypical gazillion visitors!

Captain Goodlife

We read all about Captain Goodlife before moving to Curaçao. He’s somewhat of a legend. I just didn’t know he was housed here at Playa Santa Cruz. There was a building on the side of the cove and I saw people being carried out to a boat that went on a two hour journey. So, I wandered over, not sure what it was exactly. As I tentatively walked up with a friend, this gregarious man motioned us to come on in. It was Captain Goodlife himself! He excitedly showed us all around. The place is currently under construction (July 2020) to make it even more spectacular. From what he shared, you can expect a beautiful dock going all the way out to his boat, a cocktail bar, a new cantina, a huge movie screen that will show movies on the beach, and new kayaks. We will definitely return for all of that. At the moment, he still has boat tours to The Black Sand Beach, The Blue Room Cave, Captain Eric’s Shipwreck, Lovers Beach, and The Mushroom Forest. You can also rent a kayak for two and paddle around (at your own risk). When you rent the kayak, you get 2.5 hours, so my boys took turns going out and then resting in the shade. You forget what a workout kayaking can be! I went out once and will be sore for a while, I’m sure of it!

Upstairs he sells food and has a nice shady place to enjoy the food. We shared some orginial Obersi fries, which were nice. Next time, I’m sure the boys will want some pizza, since they’re not much for seafood.

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