Celebrating Jack’s 18th Birthday at Eastern Dynasty

Jack was the last in our family to celebrate their birthday on the island, but it was a big one! Here, he is considered an adult. He can now drive and drink (hopefully not together). We asked what he wanted to do – go to a bar? A nightclub? Beach day? He chose Chinese food.

Since moving to the island, we haven’t found spectacular Chinese food. However, I asked around and was told to try Eastern Dynasty. It is on Franklin D. Rooseveltweg, tucked in the middle of a busy street. We went early, mostly because of COVID shutdowns and limitations, so I didn’t want to be without a table. We were the only ones there. I know it filled up quickly after we left, but people just eat so much later than we’re used to. The menu is extensive – about 6 pages long. The boys were able to find the food they wanted, but there was a lot that shocked them. The food is definitely more traditional, not “American Chinese”.

The boys are used to going to Chinese buffets in the States, but that’s not really a thing here. So, I introduced them to “family style” dining. We ordered a bunch of different dishes and shared. They really enjoyed it and it was close enough to a buffet for them. Their favorite dishes were the dumplings (chicken and pork) and the sweet and sour chicken. I loved the sautéed vegetables I ordered.

All in all, the birthday boy enjoyed himself and we will be back.

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  1. Hey Jessica, we thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Congrats to Jack on turning 18!! What is the next step, college, work??? Anyway, the Chinese restaurant had a fancy flair look not to mention tasty look’n food. Dumplings (pork) is one of our favorite Chinese foods, too. So exciting to see you and the 4 guys. It is most interesting to hear your island of paradise has to be concerned about this crazy virus… of course it is a pandemic. Now, Of the many friends and family that we know, we only know of one person who contracted the Covid. She was very sick for 3 miserable days and took about 10 days to really feel like herself. I hope your Mom is doing well during all this craziness. The Houston/Texas stats are overly exaggerated.

    Anyway, I guess y’all will not be coming here during the Summer due to this virus? I was so looking forward to trying to get together 😢. With all this time, I have been going through mountains of photos and found a few of the Cody Rogers family y’all might enjoy. Would you like me to send them to you are just hold on to them for awhile? If so, just give me your mailing address.

    I just by chance came across your blog on our old e-mail which has not been disconnected yet.

    Wonderful you and the boys are well and enjoying the good life, Sherry and Bruce 💕


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