Hato Caves and Lunch in Otrabanda


The Hato Caves are near the airport and on the same road. You can see the sign on the right coming from the airport. There is free parking at the caves. Once there, you can buy your tickets ($9) and have a snack at the restaurant. I personally enjoyed the trail of cacti leading up to the restaurant. I never realized how pretty different types are!

The Tour

Tours are offered on the hour and there were plenty of tour companies that came in dropping people off. I think most groups had about 20 people. Our tour guide took us through the cave in about 40 minutes. He shared the views, told us stories throughout the cave, and joked with the people on the tour. Unfortunately, you can only take pictures in one part of the cave, but fortunately, this rule is in effect so the tourists don’t scare out the wildlife (the bats).

My oldest, Jack, Cody, and I went on the tour with my teaching mentor, Alice, and her husband Bill who came to visit. We saw the different shapes in the cave, like the witch, the Virgin Mary, and others. But my favorite part were the bats. All the caves I have visited in the past have not had live animals. I so wish I could have snapped a quick picture, but I followed the rules!

Café Gouverneur De Rouville

After the tour, we decided to leave that side of town and head to Otrabanda for lunch. We settled on Café Gouverneur De Rouville, and picked a lovely table in an outside atrium area. And then, bless this little island, it began to rain. So we ran indoors quickly and grabbed a table. The food selection was international and delicious (check out their menu online). I tried the seafood salad and, while I am not sure what the white fish was specifically, they made sure my food was gluten-free for me. Cody and I tried the local beer that they brew specifically for this restaurant (as far as I can tell). I’m not a beer connoisseur, but I thought it was a great beer! I believe I would go back for that alone!


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