Valentine’s Day Gifts For Travelers

I am not the “flowers and card” kind of girl when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I usually ask for chocolate and some peace and quiet. But as we all know, I’m obsessed with travel, so here’s my new wish list:

Travel Keychains

I haven’t had a keychain in a while, but it sure would help when we arrive home late from the airport and I am trying to find my keys. Plus I can link it to a loop in my travel bag. The message just makes me smile.

Baggage Tags

Why do these things never last? I am convinced there are airport workers picking at my tags and ruining them. This year, I have requested these tags. Not only do they represent us, but I haven’t seen anything like them in my travels, so I’m sure to end up with my own luggage at the end of it all.

Travel Journal

Okay, I’m the worst at journaling. I always make myself promises that I will be better, but blank pages make me hyperventilate. I am asking for this journal because it has a nice layout. I appreciate the prompts to get me started AND to make me think about things I might not otherwise remember.


Yep, I’m a T-shirt junkie. I love them. Nothing better than flying in a comfy shirt and jeans. Why not express my love for travel?

This one comes in different colors, but I think the black one pops best.

I am going to beg the hubby to wear matching shirts with me. I’m fairly sure this will be a firm no, but I’m asking anyway!

What’s your favorite gift idea?

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