Family Day at the Curaçao Sea Aquarium

We have been saving our visit to the Sea Aquarium for my Mom’s visit, so we went the first day of her holiday here. We’re so glad we did!


As you get closer to the aquarium, there are a lot of signs to point you in the right direction, which was great news for us! To park in the aquarium parking lot, it costs 5 guilders or $3 US. Admission to the aquarium is $21 US for adults, $11 for kids 5-11 and seniors, kids under 4 are free.

The website ( has great information, and is possibly the most friendly website I’ve seen about a place in Curaçao. They have a schedule of events for each day. We chose to go at 9 am, to hit the first block of events, avoid the crowds, and be home for lunch.

Our Day of Fun

We arrived later than planned (as usual) and went straight to the sea lion show. My only previous experience with sea lions was at Sea World in San Antonio. Those shows were big productions, almost like skits. The show at the CSA was more informative and educational. The sea lions did tricks I didn’t know they were capable of, like jumping and flipping. The trainers talked to us about sea lions’ teeth, eating, training, and nature and the sea lions performed the whole time.

The dolphins were next and that show was just as informative. You could see such love between the trainer and their animals. Both the dolphins and trainers were equally excited every time they did a trick. It was cute! The dolphin show, like the sea lion show, was less showy and more informative. The dolphins did tricks and jumps, but the show was more about how they train them, how they use positive behavior techniques and all about dolphin nature.

After those shows, we walked through the aquarium. It is small but really enjoyable. There were some really unique fish in the tanks, a few sharks, flamingos, and a touch tank. Just like our day at the Ostrich Farm, the Rogers’ family chose not to touch the fish, but watched others do it!

To end our day, we went to the underwater observatory, which is a docked boat with seat in front of windows on the lower level so you can enjoy the sea life without accidentally touching it! A Rogers’ dream!

Curaçao Sea Aquarium is a MUST for visitors and for residents. With your resident card, you actually get a nice discount!


  1. Wow Jessica, such good photos of y’all. You two have three handsome looking young men! It was so good to see your Mom visiting and enjoying the local activities along with everyone…just one good looking (Rogers) family. Great to hear how everyone is adapting to the leisure lifestyle in the tropics. We hope school is going well for each of you, too. Oh, did you ever receive my Christmas card. I had to send it to your school because it was the only address I had at the time. Anyway, keep posting on your blog. We miss the Cody Rogers’ Clan. Take care, Love ya, Sherry


    1. Hi, Sherry! We actually just received the card yesterday! Thank you, we love getting the pictures of the family.
      I agree that the boys are quite handsome. They are enjoying exploring the island and we have big travel plans this summer! We’ll be in Texas for two weeks, maybe we can meet up.
      Love you!


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