Peaceful and Picturesque at Cas Abou Beach, Curacao

When we first arrived in Curacao we were invited for a beach day to Cas Abou. It was the first beach we went to as a family (besides a beach in Florida) and it just might ruin us for any future beaches! There were people there relaxing and splashing, but yet it felt peaceful and quiet. There were people eating and drinking on the beach, yet it seemed clean and tidy. And the view – stunning!

When we turned in to the parking lot there was a booth. I honestly don’t know if the prices are regulated, it seems as though everyone pays a different amount. We paid 12 guilders, which is not quite 7 USD, for the five of us and the car.

What to Bring

A definite plus for Cas Abou is that you can bring your own cooler filled with food and drinks, as well as your own chairs. The second time we went to this beach it was with a group of families. They were making mimosas in various flavours and had tons of hors d’oeuvres. I am not, nor have I ever been, “Pinterest Mom” good, but I did bring random items from our pantry and a six-pack. Still good!

There are palapas (shaded umbrellas) available at Cas Abou, but if you want one, you must get there early and snag it! They are quick to be occupied. You can rent chairs if you don’t have your own and there is a restaurant on the beach where you can eat and drink if you like.

Sea Life

We were told that you can see sea turtles at Cas Abou. We were not that fortunate on our visits, however, the water is ridiculously clear and we saw many schools of fish. Cole attempted to catch the different fish numerous times. He was so mesmerized by the fish, so every time they swam by he quickly dove underwater to attempt to grab one with his hands. We have heard tales of locals being able to fish with their hands, but it seems that, while Cole is quickly embracing the “local” vibe, he doesn’t have those skills.

Even though we didn’t catch any fish or see any sea turtles, we will definitely visit Cas Abou again. This beach is a tourist favorite, but it is a must when you’re on the island. Pack a cooler, beach toys (nothing that will fly away in the wind), a few chairs, and make it a day!

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