A Family Morning in Punda District, Curacao

Punda is the first Dutch settlement in Willemstad, Curacao. If you were to Google Curacao, the colorful, preserved buildings are probably the image that would pop up first.

The other side of the bridge is rightfully named Otrabanda (the other side). That is where the cruise ship comes in and many tourists will stroll across the bridge to Punda (the city). There is a tourist booth directly in front as you cross the bridge. On our first visit, we just took it all in, as we knew would return many more times in the future. Here is the snapshot of the day!

As our family of five crossed the bridge into Punda, we were immediately captivated by the architecture, cobblestone pathways, artwork, and shops. There are a few things the Rogers family is not: art lovers or shoppers are two of those things. However, I might classify us as “art appreciators,” and even at that level, we found this area to be lively and enjoyable. As you wander around Punda you will run into 3D and 2D murals, various structures, and art made from recyclable objects. It took a little convincing, but I got the three teens to cooperate and pose a little!

One thing of the things the Rogers family most definitely is: HUGE EATERS. We were happy to see that, down each street that was lined with stores, there were also many places to eat, grab a drink, or dessert. The outdoor seating kept you in the action while also providing cover from the direct rays of the sun. One of the first places we will try (blog will follow) is La Bohéme (I think the kids just want to order a “Fat Bastard” without being yelled at).

Even though we’re not shoppers, we enjoyed the fact that we saw both unique “mom and pop” local stores and western brand-named stores we were familiar with from home. We did head into some of the local stores to see original artwork and items for sale, but today’s purchases just consisted of postcards to write to cousins in England and friends in Texas.

We have decided to go back to experience specific places and stores. Plus we are eager to take a tour of the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.

What are your recommendations for our next visit to Punda?


  1. Wow, such a quaint and picturesque little place…anxious to hear and see more of this bit of paradise! The history of the synagogue is so unique, too. Next, visit the beach areas. For a front photo of the guys, run in front of them to sneak a facial view for us! Anyway, Texas says, “Howdy”!


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