Six Indispensable Travel Items

I’ve been traveling my whole life and have bought my fair share of useless items because it seemed important (or fun) at the time. After recently downsizing and moving halfway around the world, I have narrowed my view on quintessential pieces that actually help while traveling. Here are my six must-haves:

  1. A Laptop Tote Bag. I personally travel with a computer, iPad, and Kindle, so I need this bag! We typically travel American Airlines and get one carry on and one personal item. Instead of carrying a purse, this bag is perfect to work as half purse and half computer bag. It’s sturdy, nice looking, and comfortable to carry. Confession: I have had mine for five years and have not treated it kindly – but it still looks new!
  2. Electronic Organizer Bag. So, we’ve already established my love for electronics. This bag helps to organize the cords! A year ago, without this bag, I realized that my carry on was pulled by TSA EVERY SINGLE TIME we went through the line. After asking questions, I was told (true or not) that the jumble of cords in my bag raised a red flag. Since I started organizing all the cords in this sweet organizer, I found my bag is hardly ever pulled (unless I accidentally forgot that I had a bottle of water in there…) 
  3. Packing Cubes.  In all honesty I never thought these would be useful, but it was another fun buy. I could purchase cute color-coordinating bags for travel. However, I discovered they are amazingly useful! I separate my travel items into bathing suits and personal items, pajamas, days clothes, evening clothes, and shoes. It keeps all my items nicely folded and doesn’t get tossed around in my case even when opened by TSA. In the hotel, I can grab the case I want and head to the bathroom. In short, it kept my clothes nicely folded and made them easily accessible. 
  4. RFID Blocking Sleeves. This is my husband’s doing. He loves security. He bought all of us ugly, boring blocking sleeves for our cards. I found (on Amazon, of course) colorful and fun sleeves. I use these sleeves for my cards and my passport. Now, all my friends have requested them. They make great stocking stuffers.
  5. RFID Blocking Passport Wallet. I honestly didn’t realize this wallet was RFID blocking when I bought it. But I hated when my boarding pass and passport didn’t fit in my wallet. I had all these essential papers all over the place. This wallet is amazing and it’s GREEN! You can choose your own favorite color. This wallet holds the boarding pass, passport, cards (in their own sleeves), and money. 
  6. TSA Guitar Travel Case. I’m adding this one for my musician friends. My son loves his guitar and he wanted to bring it with us. I had no idea how to do this. After reading multiple music blogs, I found that he needs a special case with TSA locks. This one is light weight but secure. When we travel we not only put it in there, but we also put bubble wrap around the guitar.

What would you add to the list?


  1. I would add a large, bright sticker or bright (neon) duct tape to the guitar case that says “Baggage handlers are AWESOME!” I saw this on FB and thought it was BRILLIANT. I totally agree with the packing cubes. Best gift I ever got!


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